Dragon Block Staff

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The Dragon Block Staff was created over 10,000 years ago by the Winglies. Alongside the Dragon Buster, a weapon that bound the Divine Dragon in chains. After the war was over, the Winglies sealed it away to be protected in the Royal Capital Kadessa. The only path to it was through the ruins and past its guardian.

[edit] Story

In the game, the party must eventually try to find the ancient staff. After finding out that the Divine Dragon has been released, Dart and his friends venture to the Wingly Forest to speak with the Wingly Ancestor Blano. Knowing the danger looming over the whole of Mille Seseau, he agrees to lead them to the staff. After obtaining the staff from the Forbidden Land, the party uses it against the Divine Dragon on top of the Mountain of Mortal Dragon. Sadly the strain placed on the staff from the immensity of the Divine Dragon's power caused it to shatter under the pressure. However, it successfully managed to seal a large portion of the Dragon's power, at least enough for Dart and the party to defeat him.

[edit] Obtaining the Staff

The Dragon Block Staff is hidden inside the Forbidden Land and guarded by the Grand Jewel. To get to it, you must go to the Wingly Forest in the north of the Evergreen Forest and talk to the Ancestor. He opens a portal to the ruins. After fighting past many puzzles and enemies, you will come to an open room with the staff hanging down from the ceiling. When Meru tries to get it down, she activates the "security system," the Grand Jewel.

For battle strategy, click here.

After the battle, the staff lowers down to the party.

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