Dragon's Nest

Dragon's Nest Entrance

Dragon's Nest (a.k.a. Nest of Dragon) is a forest where the Dragon Feyrbrand lives. The forest has been infected with his poison, and due to the deadly effects that come with it, the Imperial Sandora have no defense there.

[edit] Story

The party enters the Dragon's Nest after exiting Volcano Villude. Shana immediately becomes sick due to the toxins in the air, and Dart decides that they need to leave the area quickly in order to provide medical help for her. While the party is making their way through the nest itself, they stumble across Greham, the man who killed Lavitz's father, Servi. Lavitz has a conversation with Greham and they discover he has been manipulating Feyrbrand with the Jade Dragoon Spirit that has been handed down to him by Doel. A battle ensues and after the party defeats Greham, he admits to being wrong about everything he has done in his life. Greham dies and the Jade Dragoon Spirit floats in the air and chooses Lavitz as its new owner.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Run Fast 62-69 Thunder
Tricky Bat 22-34 Wind
Mandrake 95 Water
Lizard Man 37-40 Earth
Man Eating Bud 453-472 Dark
Boss: Jade Dragoon Greham 400 Wind
Boss: Feyrbrand 453-472 Wind
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