Donau, known as The Flower City, is controlled by the Gehrich Gang through most of the portion of the second disc. It is a beautiful city, covered with beautiful flowers most of the year.

[edit] Story

Dart and the party reach this location after going through The Barrens and having Dart's Dragoon Spirit stolen. They are trying to find clues on how to get their stone back as it is a vital part of their team and could be used for evil if it fell into the wrong hands. After listening to a nearby traveler making a fuss they meet Meru, who is a really cheery character, and is looking to save her friend who has been kidnapped by the gang. After a long conversation, the party agrees that Meru could be an asset to the team as she knows the way around the Valley of Corrupted Gravity which they must pass to get to the Home of Gigantos which is the Gehrich Gang's stronghold.

The party can return to Donau to see Kate's and Lynn's wedding later in the game.

Also, they come back to board the Queen Fury, which will take them to Illisa Bay to look for Lenus and the Moon Dagger.

[edit] Stardust Location

There are 2 Stardust in Donau and they are located:

  • Water at entrance
  • Sink in mayor's kitchen
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