Divine Tree

The Divine Tree is the tree that the creator Soa made to bring life to the world. It originally bore 108 fruits that gave birth to all life. The last fruit, the 108th fruit, is the God of Destruction, whose purpose is to bring destruction to the entire world.

[edit] Story

The party comes here on Coolon. The Divine Tree is being swarmed by Virage however, and one shoots the party down. They land at the base of the tree, and can never leave due to Coolon's irreparable wounds. They trek on up the tree, encountering creatures all the way. Along the ground, some unborn fruits are finally ripening. Finally, the party finds a "stream" that flows life force up the tree. Dart and company jump into it and arrive at the top, in the Moon That Never Sets.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Cute Cat 700 Thunder
Manticore 1000 Dark
Mountain Ape 1200 Earth
Slug 1400 Earth
Pot Belly 560 Earth
Boss: Caterpillar 5500 Non-Elemental
Boss: Pupa 2500 Non-Elemental
Boss: Imago 12,000 Non-Elemental
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