Divine Moon Objects

The Divine Moon Objects are three objects that were created by the Winglies that were handed down to the Humans after the Dragon Campaign. The Divine Moon Objects consist of the Moon Gem, the Moon Dagger, and the Moon Mirror. They were created by Melbu Frahma in order to destroy the Signet Spheres that hold the Moon That Never Sets up in the sky. When all five Signets are destroyed, and the Moon Child is brought to the Moon, the God of Destruction is born. During the events of the game, Lloyd set out to collect them all before giving them to Emperor Diaz.

[edit] Moon Gem

The Moon Gem was handed down to all of the heirs of Serdio. The last one to hold onto the object would be King Albert of Basil. He did not know of the power that this item contains. It was later taken from Albert during the events of Chapter 1 by the Hooded Man while Fruegel holds off the party. Lavitz tried to reclaim the item and rushed at the Hooded Man, who is then revealed to be Lloyd. In later events of the game, it would be used to destroy the Signet Sphere found in the Death City Mayfil.

[edit] Moon Dagger

The Moon Dagger is the artifact of Tiberoa. Passed down by the heirs of the country, it was to be passed down during the Coming of Age Ceremony to Princess Emille. However, Lenus had disguised herself and taken over the role, thus stealing the Moon Dagger and taking it to Lloyd. The Moon Dagger was used in later events of the game to destroy the Signet Sphere in the Law City Zenebatos.

[edit] Moon Mirror

The artifact of Mille Seseau, the Moon Mirror was sealed inside the Tower of Flanvel. The key to obtaining the Moon Mirror is the monarch of Mille Seseau, Queen Theresa. Toward the end of Chapter 3, Lloyd abducts the queen for this purpose and takes the Moon Mirror from Flanvel. However, the party intercepts and tries to save it, but fails. After the battle, the party with Lloyd takes all three Divine Moon Objects to Vellweb to retrieve Shana. The Moon Mirror was used to destroy the Magical City Aglis in later events of the game.

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