Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon is the king of Dragons. He has seven wings and seven eyes, each representing each element. He is so powerful that during the Dragon Campaign, the Winglies could not defeat him, but only enslave him indefinitely in the Mountain of Mortal Dragon. However, the seal on him began to dissolve due to Lloyd's meddling. He ripped free of his chains and wreaked havoc on Mille Seseau, destroying the Signet Sphere in the Birth City Crystal Palace. The party goes to find the Dragon Block Staff to help against him, and they fight and kill him on the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

[edit] Strategy

Divine Dragon
Divine Dragon.jpg
HP 5000-5600
Element Non-Elemental
Location Mountain of Mortal Dragon
EXP 10,000
Gold 300
Items Dropped Gravity Grabber

The Divine Dragon can be a very difficult battle. Not only do you have the Dragon himself to kill, you also can defeat his Cannon and Ball. The dragon himself has two attacks: one in which he swipes his arm across and physically attacks all enemies, and a magic attack which mimics one of the more powerful Attack Items. The Divine Dragon Ball is a powerful magic attack which attacks all allies. The Divine Dragon Cannon is an even more powerful magic attack that concentrates on one ally and also affects his neighbors. The Ball he can use whenever he pleases, but the Cannon he must charge up. For this reason, if you destroy the Ball and then the Cannon, your battle will be much easier. After that, all you must deal with is attacking the Dragon himself. Dragoons are even more useless in this battle than the Grand Jewel, because the Dragon Block Staff was active from the beginning and does not wear off. Using Accessories to help the Magic Defense of your players can help immensely in this battle.

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