Disc 3: Fate and Soul

Disc Three: Fate and Soul is the third chapter in The Legend of Dragoon. It takes place in the cold country of Mille Seseau, as well as in Gloriano.

[edit] Story

The chapter begins as the party enters Furni from the Queen Fury. They get off the ship and explore the city. They find that a small boy named Teo has disappeared along with his pet wolf Kamuy. When the mayor learns of the party's presence, he summons them to his house, where he asks them to go find the boy and bring him home because his daughter named Fa has not spoken since she was attacked by the wolf and it and Teo ran away. The party agrees, and they stay the night. That evening, while Shana and Dart are on the roof looking at the Moon, the moonlight causes Shana to collapse. Dart carries her inside, and after a moment she recovers.

The next morning the party leaves for the Evergreen Forest, where they find Kamuy. After fighting him and winning, Shana uses her Dragoon Spirit to heal the wolf's savage heart, and he returns to a pup again. He and Teo go home to Furni. The party continues on to the capital of Mille Seseau, Deningrad, but before they can get there, Rose and Meru leave on "errands" of their own. Rose prefers not to say, and Meru says she's going to meet her parents. The rest of the party continues on to the capital.

Here they search around and wait for the two girls to return. They discover the believed existence of the Divine Tree, a tree that gave life to all things. They try to learn more about Lloyd, but once again find no sign of him. Dart learns more about his hometown of Neet, which is in northern Mille Seseau, and that there is a survivor other than him: the Second Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau, Luanna.

Meanwhile in Neet, Rose is there looking around. As she comes to the gravestone that is a memorial for all who died there, she finds Luanna herself there. Rose escorts her back to Deningrad with the soldiers.

Meru is shown visiting her hometown, a Forest of Winglies. She goes in and tries to visit her parents, but is only reprimanded saying that she should not have returned having already broken their law and left the forest. She leaves dejected, but then an old friend of hers named Guaraha comes and tells her some devastating news: the Divine Dragon, the king of Dragons, is breaking from his seal in the Mountain of Mortal Dragon and is about to break loose. She decides to warn Dart and the others and hurries to Deningrad.

It is when Rose and Luanna return that Dart and company meet her and desire to talk with her. They all meet in the inn and discuss what happened. Luanna lost her sight in the attack on Neet. However, she gained the ability to see people's souls for what they really are. As a result, she can tell that Dart and the rest of the party are not normal. Suddenly, Deningrad is mildly attacked. The Divine Dragon breaks from his chains and heads to the capital, swooping low to scout out the area. The powerful gusts from his wings break loose shingles and do minor damage all over the city. The party then comes to see the commotion when Meru comes to tell them her news. Luanna is very concerned, and invites the party, the Dragoons of legend, to speak to Queen Theresa.

The party enters the Crystal Palace, where they meet the First Sacred Sister Miranda and Queen Theresa. The party introduces themselves as Dragoons of lore and offer to go fight against the Dragon, as the only ones that can. The queen agrees, but Rose says that the only way they can defeat the Divine Dragon is if they get a legendary item called the Dragon Block Staff. Meru informs them that it probably can be found in the Forest of Winglies in the back of the Evergreen Forest, and the party decide to go there. Miranda insists on accompanying them. As they leave, they suddenly realize that Shana is not with them. They rush back to find her in a strange room. As they approach her, her Dragoon Spirit suddenly leaves her and is transferred to Miranda. Then with no choice, the party leaves Shana in the castle and head toward the forest.

When they reach the Wingly Forest, they find that humans are not readily welcome there. However, Ancestor Blano gives an order to let them come. A couple Winglies, the Bardel Brothers, insist on causing trouble, but Dart hushes them by transforming into a Dragoon. The party continues until they reach the Ancestor, who tells them that the Dragon Block Staff is hidden in the Forbidden Land. He teleports them there using ancient Wingly technology.

The party fights through the defenses of the Forbidden Land, a Super Virage that lay dormant and yet awoke again without Shana there, and finally the guardian of the staff itself. Having received the staff, they leave the area, only to see that the Divine Dragon is headed toward Deningrad again. They rush back, and the Ancestor, with some help from Guaraha and Meru's parents, teleport the party to the capital. The Divine Dragon is then seen attacking the city. He attacks the castle directly, completely destroying the room that Shana was drawn to. A small light is seen to go up to the Moon and disappear. Then the Dragon flies away.

Finally the party arrives in Deningrad and rushes to the castle to find everyone unhurt and Shana in the throne room shining brightly and floating in the air. After the light fades and Shana sees Dart again, Queen Theresa explains what happened: that the light Shana emitted protected everyone from harm. Furious that the Divine Dragon attacked again, the party, with Dart and Miranda at the head, goes off to fight him. They make their way to the top of the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

Here they find that Lloyd has begun to fight the monster by himself. However, Lloyd leaves and Dart and the party attack the Dragon anyway. After a fierce battle, the party emerges victorious again, but Lloyd returns to deliver the final blow. He then receives the Divine Dragoon Spirit and vanishes. The party follows him out, but he throws a fireball, revealing himself to be a Wingly, and knocks Rose and Dart off a cliff to a lower section. This time Dart wakes up first and asks Rose if she's alright. She seems to not fully recognize him however. Then Meru comes and lifts them both back up to the main path. The party then infers that Lloyd is going after the Moon Mirror and thus Queen Theresa. They rush back to Deningrad.

They arrive in the Crystal Palace too late. Queen Theresa had already been kidnapped because the Third Sacred Sister Wink trusted Lloyd and led him to the castle. He took the queen to the Tower of Flanvel where the Moon Mirror is hidden, and the party goes there.

After going through the bitter cold of Kashua Glacier and fighting the monster Windigo, the party finds the Flanvel Tower and Lloyd inside. He has already acquired the Moon Mirror, however, and Dart cannot get it back without a fight. They fight until Lloyd knows that he cannot win, and tells Dart to kill him. Dart goes for it, but Wink appears and steps in between, getting a bad gash on her back. Dart then punches Lloyd instead of killing him. After he and Lloyd settle their differences civilly, Wink informs Dart that Shana has been abducted from the palace by Emperor Diaz and taken to Vellweb. Lloyd gives Dart the Divine Moon Objects so that he can rescue Shana. He joins the party to go to Vellweb.

The party makes their way through Kashua Glacier and then enters the Snowfield, where they take a break in a cave, and Lloyd explains his motives. He desired to create a utopia by using the Divine Moon Objects to loose the Moon Child to "bring a holy blessing to the world." After spending the night in the cave, the party then heads out in the morning and goes to Vellweb. Here they meet Emperor Diaz in the base of the towers of the Dragoons of old.

Emperor Diaz gives back Shana, but he is not who he he says he is. He reveals himself to be none other than Zieg Feld, Rose's lover from the Dragon Campaign and Dart's father. The two take in this information, Rose that the man she loved whom she thought was dead is still alive, and Dart not only that his father is still alive, but also that he and Rose were heroes of the Dragon Campaign. Then Zieg reveals his true plan: to cross the Moon with the Moon Child to create the God of Destruction, who purifies the world through complete annihilation. The Black Monster, who kills the Moon Child every 108 years to save the world, is revealed to be none other than Rose. Then to top it all off, the Moon Child is the one and only Shana, who was kidnapped in the beginning for this purpose. Zieg takes the Divine Moon Objects, kills Lloyd, and escapes with Shana. And so ends Chapter 3: Fate and Soul.

[edit] Characters Gained

[edit] Dragoon Spirits Gained

  • Golden DS possible (see Lohan for details)
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