Damia is one of the heroes of the Dragon Campaign. She was the Blue Sea Dragoon of the war. Her spirit is fought in Vellweb when Shirley requests that the party save the souls of the Dragoons so that they can finish dying. She is located in the fourth tower to the left after going past the save point in Vellweb.

[edit] Strategy

Hit Points: 9500
Element: Water

Damia's stats are in proportion the same as Meru's. She's very fast and has a high magic attack and defense. Using Dart's D-Attack will have heavy impact on her. Fire-based magic attacks will do good damage as well, but her physical defense is much lower than her magical defense, so Dart's D-Attack will likely do more damage. Having a character with a high attack will do well against her low physical defense. She attacks hard and often, and healing will often be necessary. This battle has potential to be difficult.

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