Claire is the daughter of Haschel, who he's been searching for her for the past twenty years. She left her home in Rouge when Haschel was too harsh on her. Although never directly stated in the game, it is implied that she went to Mille Seseau and settled down in Neet. She fell in love with Dart's father, and after being married, they had Dart. Eventually, the Moon Child was born, and it passed through Neet to get to a royal ship. The Black Monster came through soon thereafter, wiping out the entire town. The small family escaped, but Dart's father went back to fight the monster. Claire left Dart at the edge of town to go fight with Dart's father. She died in the battle.

Later, in the Moon, Haschel must face his past once more and confront his memory of Claire. He has to fight her apparition and accept the past he hates so much.

[edit] Strategy

HP 2500
Element Thunder
Location The Moon That Never Sets
EXP 6,000
Gold 0
Items Dropped None

Throughout this battle, taking place in the Moon That Never Sets, Haschel tries to talk to Claire. However, she is taken over by the "war god" and forced to attack her father. Haschel is forced to defend himself, but still tries to help her remember who she is. As you fight the battle, simply attack Claire. However, when you get her to a certain health, she will develop a new attack, which diminishes your HP to 1. Simply heal and keep attacking her. At one point, you will be given a choice. To end the battle, choose "Mind's eye, awaken!" Claire will attempt to attack you, but Haschel will hit her away and end the battle.

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