Characters are a heavily central part of The Legend of Dragoon. Each character is emphasized and given a background story, unlike some video games. As the game progresses, more is learned and revealed about each character. Although an endless number of characters exists in The Legend of Dragoon, nine are heavily focused on. These nine are your party throughout the game; they are the Main Characters. Likewise, some Villains play important roles in the storyline of the game, and there also exist some very important Secondary Characters.

[edit] Main Characters

The nine main characters, in order of attainment, are:

  • Dart
  • Lavitz
  • Shana
  • Rose
  • Haschel
  • Albert
  • Meru
  • Kongol
  • Miranda

    These comprise the main party throughout the game, although you only have a maximum of seven characters: some party members leave after a time. Each character has his own subplot that is played out behind the main plot of the game. For most, there is some sort of internal conflict that is not resolved until the very end of the game, or just before.

    [edit] Villains

    There are many, many enemies in the game, but only a few villains. There are five that are struggled against for an extended period of time, or fought more than once:

  • Emperor Doel
  • Lloyd
  • Lenus
  • Emperor Diaz
  • Zieg
  • Melbu Frahma

    Most of these characters are recurring during the game, some for a short time, and some for the entirety of the game.

    [edit] Secondary Characters

    Throughout the game, many people help out the main party in various ways and become an important part of the story. These secondary characters are:

  • Minister Noish
  • Shirley
  • Fester
  • King Zior
  • Princess Emille
  • Princess Lisa
  • Wink
  • Luanna
  • Queen Theresa
  • Ancestor Blano
  • Charle
  • Savan

    These people come from all over the continent of Endiness to help out the party. Each contributes heavily to the main storyline in some way.
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