Capital City Kadessa

The Capital City Kadessa, also known as the Forbidden Land, is an ancient Wingly capital and the place where the final battle of the Dragon Campaign took place. All the original Dragoon Spirit wielders died here with the exception of Zieg Feld and Rose.

[edit] Story

The party enters the city in search of the Dragon Block Staff to be able to battle the Divine Dragon and stop its terrorism of the city of Deningrad.

When they enter, Meru has troubles because she can hear all the souls that died there. They enter the city, and eventually come upon a large space that Kongol says smells like blood. Albert pieces it together that it was a coliseum, which Meru confirms. She says that the Winglies of old used to put creatures against each other and fight to the death. They continue, saying that this is all in the past, and Meru doesn't have to dwell on the past of her species.

They continue through the city and meet a fork in the road, and choosing to go left, they come across a sleeping Super Virage. This one looks completely different from normal ones. Rose says that it's the Virage that killed Belzac. Before the party can leave, it awakens, and they must fight it.

Afterwards, the party continues the search for the Dragon Block Staff and comes across the Grand Jewel, the protector and wielder of the staff. They must battle it in order to be able to get the Staff and to continue their quest to take out the Divine Dragon.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Gnome 240-262 Earth
Fairy 295-308 Light
Puck 292-304 Earth
Toad Stool 157-170 Earth
Spinning Head 394-406 Non-Elemental
Boss: Wounded Super Virage (head) 10,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Wounded Super Virage (body) 10,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Wounded Super Virage (arm) 5,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Grand Jewel 4400-4700 Earth
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