Black Castle

The Black Castle is home to Emperor Doel, Albert's uncle. It rests in Kazas, the capital of the Imperial Sandora.

[edit] Story

After Dart and the party make their way across Kazas, they enter the Black Castle. After facing many random encounters from guards guarding the castle and battling a heavily armored Kongol, the party ends up in the throne room, where they meet with Emperor Doel. After some discussion, the party discovers that Doel was the one who killed Albert's father, Carlo. Enraged, the party engages him in battle, where he shows them that he wields the Violet Dragoon Spirit. Once he is heavily injured, he explains to the party that Lloyd has made his way to Tiberoa to continue his search for the Divine Moon Objects. Emperor Doel dies and the Dragoon Spirit chooses Haschel as its new master. Here the first disc ends.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Knight of Sandora 200 Fire
Hell Hound 111-125 Fire
Sandora Elite 332-350 Dark
Boss: Kongol 1158-1198 Earth
Boss: Emperor Doel 800-850 Thunder
Boss: Dragoon Doel 2100-2150 Thunder
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