Belzac is a Giganto, and the Golden Dragoon of the Dragon Campaign. He loved children with all his heart; the only thing he loved as much was Shirley. In the last battle of the Dragon Campaign, the Battle of Kadessa, Belzac gave his life for Shirley. He caught a large pillar from falling on her, but a Super Virage stabbed him through. In order that his death not be in vain, Shirley shot the Virage, and then it fired a magical cannon and killed them both.

In the ancient human city of Vellweb, the souls of the Dragoons who died during the last battle of the Dragon Campaign were anchored there. Shirley kept them there to save them from the horrors of Death City Mayfil. The party can eventually come here to battle the spirits of the Dragoons and send them to a better place. Belzac's spirit can be found in the third tower to the right.

[edit] Strategy

HP Element
20,000 Earth
Location EXP
Vellweb 6000EXP
Gold ATK
300G 200
200 80
MDF Speed
80 50
Items Dropped
Golden Stone

Belzac's stats in this battle are the same as Kongol's, giving him high Physical Attack, Physical Defense, and HP. However, he has very low Magical Defense and Magical Attack. For this reason, using Albert's more powerful magic attacks, such as Gaspless, can be very helpful, as well as Wind-based Attack Items. Using Albert and another high magic attacker such as Meru or Miranda can easily take this guy down. Be careful against his D-Attack, but you shouldn't have to worry too much about his magic attacks. Taking out his HP will be the most difficult thing to do because of his immense amount of it. Eventually Belzac will give up the fight.

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