Basil is the country in the north of Serdio. Its capital is Bale and is ruled by the beloved King Albert. During the course of the first disc, it is at war with its southern enemy, Imperial Sandora. Basil is the original country from which Sandora receded. They hold the line well until the enemy obtains the force of the Dragon. After this momentous occasion, Sandora goes on the offensive, and the capital is overrun. King Albert is kidnapped and taken to Hellena Prison. After Dart and the party come to save him, Albert continues to end the war by killing Emperor Doel.

The army of Basil consists of Knighthoods. The First Knighthood was directed by Lavitz Slambert; however, his group was killed in a battle shortly before he was captured and taken to Hellena Prison. Another knight, Kaiser, was head of another knighthood.

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