Armor primarily affects the wearer's defense. However, they can have other effects just as diverse as Accessories. Armor can be categorized into Headgear, Body Armor, and Footwear.

[edit] Headgear

Headgear is a part of a character's Armor that guards the head. Any given piece can affect physical defense, magical defense, magical attack, or nothing at all. It is also possible that it give a certain effect to the wearer. This is a list of headgear and its price when able to be bought.

[edit] Body Armor

Body Armor is a piece of Armor that protects the torso. Each piece of Body Armor has the potential to affect physical or magical defense, and can have some sort of effect on the wearer.

[edit] Footwear

Footwear is the part of Armor that protects the legs and/or feet. Each piece can only affect physical defense, but it can give an effect to the character wearing it.

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