The Magical City Aglis lies just outside Rouge in the ocean. It was originally hidden by Wingly magic, but revealed when the party needs to find it.

[edit] Story

The Wingly caretaker of the city, Savan, welcomes the party with a challenge: a challenge of courage. He gathers the courage of Dart and the rest to make the Psychedelic Bomb, a powerful weapon used in battle. He has also created Moot, which is supposed to put a forever-impenetrable shield on the Moon That Never Sets. But before it can complete its seal, Zieg shows up and destroys the Signet Sphere, along with Moot, by taking control of the Last Kraken, the creature designated to protect the Signet Sphere. Savan is caught in the explosion, but Dart and company make it out. Failing to protect the Signet Sphere, the party moves on to the next location: the Law City Zenebatos.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Aqua King 700 Water
Jelly 650 Water
Minotaur 1000 Thunder
Scud Shark 400 Water
Stern Fish 750 Water
Boss: Last Kraken 10,000 Water
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