Wink is the Third Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau, and she helps to rule the kingdom with her three adopted sisters--Miranda, Luanna, and Setie--and her adopted mother, Queen Theresa.

She is first encountered when the party enters Donau, the flower city, in Tiberoa. She is saved by Lloyd from the bandits. After this meeting, Wink develops a soft spot in her heart for Lloyd. He saves her again, this time from a hostile Wingly, when she goes to the Evergreen Forest to check on Miranda (as she and the party had gone to fight the Divine Dragon). She takes him back to the Crystal Palace to get treated for his "wounds," where he kidnaps Queen Theresa for the Divine Moon Object. Then when she comes to tell Dart that Shana had been kidnapped, she steps in the way of Dart's sword and saves Lloyd's life, almost killing herself in the process.

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