Name Sex
Dart Male
Race Hair
Human Blonde
Age Height
23 178 cm
Birthplace Element
Neet Fire

Dart is the main character in Legend of Dragoon. Although still young Dart has burning will and determination. A natural leader who seems to draw people and adventure to him.



Dart has spent the past five years searching the continent of Endiness for the Black Monster, a scourge that destroyed his original hometown and killed his parents when he was a small boy. Ironically, he returns from his journey to find his new home, Seles, in ruins, still smoking from a raid by forces under Emperor Doel's command. He finds his childhood freind Shana has been kidnapped for reasons unknown. He immediately sets out to save her from imprisonment. Dart's new journey erupts into something far beyong a simple rescue and into a struggle for entire world.

Attributes & Abilities

Dart is well suited for any combat situation, good thing since you dont have a choice on using him. He has a wide variety of powerful addtions and utilizes immensely powerful fire magic in dragoon form.


Dart Completing Moon Strike

As you progress through the story you may level up additions thus making them stronger.

Name Difficulty Strikes SP Damage Obtained
Double Slash 1 1 35 202 Initial Addition
Volcano 2 3 36 250 Level 2
Burning Rush 2 2 102 150 Level 6
Crush Dance 2 4 100 250 Level 15
Madness Hero 4 5 204 100 Level 22
Moon Strike 4 5 20 250 Level 29
Blazing Dynamo 4 7 150 450 Master All


Red-Eyed Dragoon Form

Dart has two Dragoon Spirits. One is the Red-Eyed Dragoon and the Divine Dragoon; Because of this Dart is considered the strongest character in the game.

The Red-Eyed dragoon specializes in fire attacks, and is the first dragoon that is obtained in the game.

Red Eyed Dragon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Flame Shot 10 Single Fire STR 50%
2 Explosion 20 All Fire STR 25%
3 Final Burst 30 Single Fire STR 75%
5 Red Eyed Dragon 80 All Fire STR 175%

Divine Dragoon Form

The second dragoon stone that Dart obtains later in the game is the Divine Dragon stone. As this is considered one of the strongest dragoons in the game it is not obtained until right before the final battle in Disc four.

Divine Dragon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
? Divine DG Ball 50 All Unbased STR 50%
? Divine DG Cannon 50 Single Unbased STR 100%

Acquiring Dragoon

Obtaining Dart's dragoon spirit is part of the story as he carries the stone with him. It will be awoken by Rose.