Undersea Cavern

The Undersea Cavern is the underwater cave leading to the Prison Island. It's dark and dank, and is impassable when the tide is high. However, when it is low, it is possible to cross to the other side, which is exactly what our party does.

[edit] Story

Once the party reaches the cavern they come to find out that the entrance to Prison Island is flooded and that their search for the dragon is futile. They return to Fueno to find information on how to stop the flood. The Mayor of the town suggests a peculiar way to stop the flooding but they must find the switches for the floodgates. Once they do this they are able to enter Prison Island.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Sea Piranha 278-300 Water
Glare 310-322 Water
Mermaid 395-414 Water
Flabby Troll 541-592 Earth
Screw Shell 159-165 Water
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