Tower of Flanvel

The Tower of Flanvel lies deep inside Kashua Glacier. It used to be a fort for the Winglies in the Dragon Campaign, the main headquarters of Magician Faust, one of the major generals in their army. It was shot out of the sky by the Dragoons.

[edit] Story

When the party first sees it, Meru so gallantly points out, "It's a swirl." Below the tower, an ancient Wingly named Magician Faust lies in wait to attack any who venture there. Inside the tower lies the Moon Mirror, which Lloyd is trying to steal through kidnapping Queen Theresa. The party hurries to the top to save her, and Dart and company must battle Lloyd both to settle their differences and to get back the three Divine Moon Objects.

After the battle, Dart has the chance to either kill Lloyd or spare him. He decides to let him live. Before the party leaves, a party from The Crystal Palace gives news that Emperor Diaz captured Shana from her room. Dart then becomes determined to save her, and Lloyd decides to lead us there, with the three Divine Moon Objects.

The party can return later to fight Magician Faust. In order to get there, they must go deep under the tower to the Land of Taboo, which is guarded by an apparition of the general. In order to get past this, the party must have collected all 50 Stardust and turned them in to Martel for the Vanishing Stone. Eventually, the party finds its way down to fight the magician, and there they fight one of the most difficult battles of the game.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Basilisk 700 Non-Elemental
Madman 1000 Non-Elemental
Metal Fang 650 Non-Elemental
Boss: Lloyd 6500 Non-Elemental
Boss: Magician Faust 27,000 Non-Elemental
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