The Prairie

Entrance to The Prairie

This area is bordered by Hellena Prison, The Forest, and Limestone Cave. It lies just off the shore of the ocean north of Serdio.


[edit] Story

The party enters The Prairie as they flee Hellena Prison. Upon entering, Lavitz gets a graze wound on his leg from an arrow, and once they lose the guards, the party stops in a small hunting shack to rest. While resting, Dart recounts his past five years to Shana and Lavitz. He was out on a quest to get revenge on the Black Monster, the evil being that destroyed his hometown of Neet, along with his parents. He never found him, though.

In order to proceed through The Prairie, the party must cross a river, but they need a bridge. They find a tree to cut down, which lands right into the river where they need it. On the other side, they meet a family who had run away from Kazas to seek refuge in Basil. Lavitz tells them that King Albert will always welcome strangers in need of help, no matter where they are from. Then the party exits The Prairie and heads toward the Limestone Cave.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Walkthrough

After entering, run from the Hellena Wardens, eventually entering the next area, where the party hides until the guards leave. Head north, notice the river, then return to the previous area and go left. Go into the shack, and after the discussion, leave and go up and observe the tree. Return to the shack, pick up the axe that is now shining, and return to the tree. Dart chops down the tree with the axe, but it falls down into the river. Go back to where you originally tried to cross the river, and the fallen tree will form a bridge that you can cross. Do so, and in the next area retrieve the Angel's Prayer in the box, the go to the left. Speak to the family if you wish, then exit The Prairie.

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Mole 15-17 Earth
Vampire Kiwi 16-18 Dark
Mantis 20-24 Earth
Crescent Bee 10-12 Wind
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