Stardust is a side quest in the game. There are fifty Stardust scattered throughout the world, and if one can collect all of them he gets a wish. After collecting, they are given to a woman named Martel. In return, she gives the party some really rare items. Here are the numbers of Stardust needed and the items given:

If you collect all fifty, she gives you the Vanishing Stone which lets you fight Magician Faust. He gives a large amount of experience and gold, a good finale to such a difficult side quest.

Martel can be located at a different place in each disc. In the first, she is in the house to the left of Lavitz's. In the second, she is in the tavern in Fletz. In the third, she is in Deningrad, but only after the Divine Dragon attacks the second time. In the fourth, she is in Rouge with her daughter.

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