Sandora Elite

Sandora Elite
Sandora Elite
HP Element
271-288 Dark
Location EXP
Town of Hoax 200
Gold ATK
50 12
80 13
MDF Speed
120 60
Items Dropped
Healing Breeze

The Sandora Elite is first encountered in the Town of Hoax.

The Snadora Elite has four moves: Shadow Clone, in which he replicates himself into two other clones making it a total of three enemies. They do not disappear until the right one is hit.

He has two physical attacks:

Shuriken Shot: Using this the Sandora Elite throws a shuriken at one of your allies.
Chain Whip: Using his chain he attacks one of your allies.

The Sandora Elite also has one fire-based magic attack: Green Flame, which attacks all allies.

[edit] Strategy

This guy mainly uses heavy chain attacks and his boomerangs. They are not very powerful. Sometimes he casts spells which cause more damage. His most annoying attack comes when you wipe out half of his HP. He turns himself into three forms, and it sometimes takes a while to find out which is the real one. Steady Additions will take him down.

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