Name Sex
Rose Female
Race Hair
Human Black
Age Height
11,021 170 cm
Birthplace Element
Unknown Dark

Rose is the female lead in The Legend of Dragoon. She is very beautiful, dark, mysterious, aloof, and armed with a tongue that can pierce more effectively than her rapier. Rose seems drawn to Dart and his companions and she keeps her secrets well guarded. As Lavitz points out, she seems to know too much about things nobody else knows.


[edit] Story

Rose saves Dart from a rampaging Dragon in the beginning of the game as he rushes back to Seles. Later during a battle in the fortress town of Hoax, they meet again. Rose assists Dart in defeating the Giganto Kongol by awakening his dormant Dragoon Spirit, and afterwards shows him the ways of Dragoon combat. She joins the party for no apparent reason other than she finds them 'interesting' and that they remind her of her 'dear old friends'. Throughout the game, she grows closer to all the characters, and learns to open up a little bit when she's around them.

Late in the game, the party finds out that Rose is both a hero of the Dragon Campaign and the Black Monster, but Dart cannot continue with his quest on revenge for the death of his parents. He forgives her for what she has done because he knew it was for the greater good.

[edit] Attributes & Abilities

Rose has the highest attack of the women in the party, as well as defense. Her Magic Attack and Defense are above average, but not as high as Meru and Shana/Miranda. Her HP is also fairly low, lower than all except Meru.

[edit] Additions

Rose's Additions are not as well-rounded as Dart's. She only has four, three of which are not that difficult, and one that is.

Name Difficulty Strikes SP Max Damage % Obtained
Whip Smack 1 1 35 200% Initial Addition
More and More 1 2 102 150% Level 14
Hard Blade 3 5 35 300% Level 19
Demons Dance 5 7 100 500% Master All

[edit] Dragoon


Rose's dragon is the Dark Dragon. It specializes on darkness attacks.

Dark Dragoon
Dragoon LVL Name MP Cost # Of Enemies Description
1 Astral Drain 10 Single Enemy and All Allies Dark STR 25% & HP for Allies.
2 Death Dimension 20 All Enemies Dark STR 25% + possible fear
3 Demon's Gate 30 All Enemies Instantly Kills all Minor Enemies
5 Dark Dragon 80 Single Enemy Dark STR 100%

[edit] Acquiring Dragoon Spirit

As soon as Rose joins your party, you are able to use her Dragoon Spirit.

[edit] Weapons

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