Death City Mayfil is the ancient Wingly city that controlled the destination of souls after death. Although the Dragoons fought desperately to destroy its evil, it was not completely vanquished, and still traps souls that could not completely die inside it.

[edit] Story

The party comes here after departing Zenebatos, hoping to save the final Signet Sphere before Zieg unleashes the God of Destruction. As they fight their way through the creatures blocking their path, the party comes across the souls of the Dragons that they killed in their journeys: Feyrbrand, Regole, and the Divine Dragon. After going a long way, they finally meet the soul of a long-lost friend: Lavitz. However, he seems to be being controlled by some devil. The party fights the spirit, but in order to rid himself of it, Lavitz kills his temporary body. As he fades to dust, Dart and Albert give him their last farewells, and he opens a bridge to the last Signet Sphere. The party follows it up, and find the Signet Sphere safe and sound. Then Zieg shows up again and destroys it before the party can do anything about it. Unfortunately, the Moon starts to fall. The "wings" that Savan promised us, Coolon, shows up to take us to it to kill the god.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Human Hunter 350 Dark
Hyper Skeleton 900 Dark
Loner Knight 800 Dark
Spector 250 Dark
Undead 600 Dark
Boss: Dragon Spirit: Feyrbrand 8000 Wind
Boss: Dragon Spirit: Regole 12,000 Water
Boss: Dragon Spirit: Divine Dragon 16,000 Non-Elemental
Boss: Lavitz's Spirit 5500 Wind
Boss: Zackwell 8000 Dark
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