Magician Faust

Magician Faust
Magician Faust
HP Element
25,600-26,350 Non-Elemental
Location EXP
Flanvel Tower 20,000
Gold ATK
10,000 140
50 140
MDF Speed
200 50
Items Dropped
Phantom Shield

Magician Faust was a Wingly leader of the Dragon Campaign. He and Melbu Frahma were the two main generals of the Wingly forces. After the Dragon Campaign was won by the humans, Magician Faust retreated into the Tower of Flanvel to plan his revenge on the humans. He is an optional boss that can be fought after the party obtains all fifty Stardust. He is incredibly powerful and is the most magically-oriented enemy in the game.

[edit] Strategy

This battle is very difficult because Faust is fast and strong. He usually attacks at least four times in a row, and every time uses powerful magic. This battle can be almost easily defeated, however, if you equip your characters with a Legend Casque, which dramatically reduces damage from his magic attacks, or using other Accessories. Using a Dragoon Special can be dangerous, because having everyone as a Dragoon relinquishes your ability to use Healing Items. However, if you have Miranda or Meru in your party, you could use them to heal if you prefer. Using physical attacks will do the most good against this enemy, due to his low Physical Defense. His high HP will make this battle a long one, but if you can keep up the battle, you can defeat him in time.

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