Kazas is the capital city for the Imperial Sandora. It hosts the Black Castle, home to Emperor Doel. The city is in a slum where people have to crowd in buildings so that they have a place to stay, as well as buildings built on top of one another and are connected by ladders. Food is scarce in this city.

[edit] Story

The party enters the city with the full intent of finding Emperor Doel and getting him to see the error of his ways. They go through the city seeing the horrible living conditions the evilness of Emperor Doel has brought. They come to the front gate of the Black Castle, but cannot get through the guards. They decide to go around another way and begin to look around the city for a way in. Finally, a small boy named Popo shows up to lead them to a way through.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 6 Stardust in Kazas and they are located:

  • Enter the first house on the left, and check the barrels.
  • Enter the first house on the right, then climb the ladder. Then check beside the chest.
  • Enter the third house on the right then search the area to the left of the counter.
  • In the second area, enter the first room on the right. Then check the bookcase.
  • Climb down the ladder on the right then check the first door on the right and check the barrels.
  • After the 5th Stardust, check the barrels in the upper left.
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