Imperial Sandora

Imperial Sandora is the "country" forming in the southern section of Serdio. They war against northern Basil during the first disc. The army is sometimes called the Sandoras. The capital of Imperial Sandora is Kazas, and they also run a terrible prison called Hellena Prison and control the merchant capital of Serdio, Lohan. Their leader is Emperor Doel, King Albert's uncle.

Emperor Doel employed a spy named Lloyd to work for Basil and report back to him. However, Lloyd had his own plans in mind. He donated a special artifact, a Dragoon Spirit, to a man in Doel's army, Greham. With this newly obtained Dragoon Spirit, Greham was able to control a Dragon, Feyrbrand, and use it to his purposes in the war. With this new weapon, Imperial Sandora gives Basil a run for their money.

In the end of the first disc, Dart, with the help of his friends, take back the southern half of Serdio by defeating their leader. Only with the help of the party's own Dragoon Spirits could they have accomplished so much.

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