HP Element
400 Wind
Location EXP
Dragon's Nest 1200
Gold ATK
100 15
120 17
MDF Speed
100 60
Items Dropped
Plate Mail

Greham is the Jade Dragoon that fights for Imperial Sandora. He controls the Dragon Feyrbrand. He used to fight for Basil with Lavitz's father, Servi, but then turned because he wanted more power in order to equal the powerful Servi. Emperor Doel offered him the Jade Dragoon Spirit in exchange for his services, and he accepted, betraying Basil.

Greham has three attacks. One physical attack, Greham's Fury, which attacks one ally, and two magical Dragoon attacks, Raving Twister or Spinning Gale, and Pinning Attack, which attacks one ally.

[edit] Strategy

The strategy for Greham is fairly straightforward. Have Lavitz and Dart attack him with strong Additions and Rose or Shana use magical attacks. A Pellet helps a lot. Dragoon magic of Flameshot and Astral Drain will help as well.

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