Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship of Princess Louvia is a royal ship of Mille Seseau that was attacked by the Black Monster 18 years ago. The crew of the ship died protecting Princess Louvia, and since they failed at their mission, they could not completely die. The ship has been floating around Illisa Bay since, haunted by the souls of the near-forgotten soldiers.

[edit] Story

Dart and the party must continue their search for the Divine Moon Objects and set sail for the city of Fueno in the Queen Fury. Halfway to the city they encounter the Ghost Ship of Princess Louvia. The party ventures off into the ship to find its mysteries. They eventually fight the commander of the ship, who believes that the party is the Black Monster there to kill Princess Louvia. The commander, however, sees Shana and assumes that she is Princess Louvia, causing him to think that he succeeded in protecting her. When the nanny of the princess sees Shana, she believes this as well. When the crew of the ship thinks that they protected the princess, the mysterious force keeping the ship afloat dissolves, and the ship begins to sink. The party rushes off, but just as Dart jumps onto the ship, he loses his footing. As he begins to fall, Rose catches his arm. But she can't hold on forever, and they both fall into the sea.

[edit] Items Found

From the locked chest:

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Will-o'-wisp 153-162 Fire
Skeleton 193-210 Dark
Death 197-213 Dark
Magician Bogey 781-805 Dark
Boss: Ghost Knight 280-480 Dark
Boss: Ghost Commander 1800-2200 Dark

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