Gehrich is the leader of the Gehrich Gang. He originally trained at the school in Rouge under Haschel, but was kicked out because he didn't fight with his heart. He fled to Tiberoa to be free and established the Gehrich Gang. The party comes to the gang hideout, the Home of Gigantos, to retrieve Dart's Dragoon Spirit, and then has a run-in with Gehrich. He is killed, and Haschel buries him outside.

[edit] Strategy

Hit Points: 2000-2400
Element: Earth

Hit Points: 1200-1600
Element: Dark

Experience: 5000
Gold: 200
Items: Soul Headband/Diamond Claw

Gehrich is encountered in the Home of Gigantos. In this battle, both Dart and Haschel are required to fight. A high-Physical Defense character is helpful to have here because of the little use of magical attacks. Albert is an excellent character due to his high Physical Defense and Physical Attack, as well as he probably has equipped the Twister Glaive, doubling his already high attack against Earth-based Gehrich. On the other hand, you may want to use a character with a high Magic Attack to throw Light- or Wind-based Attack Items at the enemies. Killing Mappi first is good because he has a "Can't Combat" attack. Also, he teams up with Gehrich to attack a single character, causing heavy damage. Using Light-based attack items on him can help quite a bit. Then when Mappi's gone, Gehrich is easily beaten with a few powerful attacks and Wind-based magic. After the battle is over, Haschel delivers Gehrich a powerful punch.

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