Furni, known as The Water City, is the port to Mille Seseau. It is built on top of the water of Illisa Bay, enough so that a boat is needed to navigate it fully.

[edit] Story

Dart and the party enter the city after arriving in the Queen Fury in search of Lloyd. As they search the city, they find a group of people gathering to go search the Evergreen Forest for a boy named Teo and an wolf named Kamuy. Apparently the wolf has gone savage and stolen the boy. Later the party can go and fight this wolf and return for a prize.

When the party enters the inn to rent a boat, the man recognizes them as the "heroes of Tiberoa". He sends a note to the mayor who then wants to see them. The party goes to his house and he asks them to go fight the wolf because he thinks it attacked his daughter, Fa, and if the wolf were to be killed, she would speak again. The party agrees to spend the night there. That evening, Shana puts Fa to bed and sings her a lullaby, which Haschel recognizes as the song his daughter Claire was going to dedicate to her future baby. Then Shana says that Dart's mother used to sing it to him when he was a child.

Dart and Shana then go on the roof to look at the Moon, but Shana has some kind of reaction to the moonlight, and collapses. They take her inside.

The next morning they leave in search of the wolf, Kamuy.

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 2 Stardust in Furni and they are located:

  • House on right, in barrel
  • Teo's room, behind locked gate
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