Dragons are creatures of legend. These mighty beasts fought valiantly in the Dragon Campaign, but have sadly fallen into legend. However, they still cling to life, as Dart and his party meet three in this game. Dragons have magical powers, and used these in the Dragon Campaign against the Virage. Each Dragoon of old had a Vassal Dragon, that is, a Dragon that was their personal Dragon to fight with. All died in the war.
Along the course of the game, the party meets three Dragons: the Green-Tusked Dragon, Feyrbrand, the sea serpent, Regole, and the Divine Dragon.

Feyrbrand is the first encounter. He is Wind-based, and is controlled by the Jade Dragoon Greham. The party fights him to rid Serdio of his deadly poison.

Regole is the second encounter. Controlled by Blue Sea Dragoon Lenus, he is Water-based. The party fights Regole to save the people of Illisa Bay of the monster.

The Divine Dragon is encountered last, and he is by far the most powerful of these opponents. He is the king of Dragons, and fights to protect that name. The party fights him to save the country of Mille Seseau from his wrath.

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