Disc 4: Moon and Fate

Disc Four: Moon and Fate is the fourth and final chapter of The Legend of Dragoon. It takes place all over Endiness, mostly in the Death Frontier and Other Locations.

[edit] Story

Disc four begins in the Death Frontier. Dart and Rose have had a discussion about Rose's being the Black Monster, and the two fought so that Dart could relieve his anger. But afterwards, Dart was convinced the monster had died.

Rose decided to lead the party to Ulara to see which way they should go to stop Zieg from his plan to destroy the world. There they meet a Wingly name Charle Frahma, Melbu Frahma's sister, who tells them that there were originally five Signet Spheres created that were made to keep the Moon Child from the Moon to prevent them from joining and forming the God of Destruction. One was destroyed in the Dragon Campaign in the battle between Zieg and Melbu Frahma, one in the Crystal Palace when the Divine Dragon attacked it. Three are left in three ancient cities: the Magical City Aglis, the Law City Zenebatos, and the Death City Mayfil. She says that he will probably go to Aglis first, and that's where we should head. To get there, the party teleports to the Home of Gigantos, travel to Fletz, and sail to Rouge, Haschel's hometown.

From there, they search for Aglis and find it in the sea, the entrance blocked by water. However, the way is opened to them by magic, pushing the water back to uncover the ocean floor. The party enters, and inside, they find a Wingly named Savan who wishes to create a permanent complete seal on the Moon called Moot. He also wants to create the Psychedelic Bomb, which requires courage to create, and since Savan does not have enough by himself, he uses the courage of those in the party. Each character is presented with a challenge, and through proving their courage, they create the Psychedelic Bomb. They continue on to see the creation of Moot, and there see the Last Kraken, the creature made to protect the Signet Sphere. However, it has been manipulated by Zieg, and begins to attack the Signet. Before the party can stop him, Zieg destroys the first Signet. The magic created by the battle starts a runaway reaction with Moot, and the creation explodes with Savan inside and the party safely teleported outside.

Saddened, the party begins to leave, and along the way are shown through the mirror room of Aglis that Zieg is headed for Zenebatos. The party takes the teleporter there and finds that they are not allowed as humans to access the Signet Sphere. After revising that law through the law process of the Winglies, the party is able to access it. They travel to the Signet Sphere only to once again find it guarded by creatures manipulated by Zieg. The party defeats the creatures and find the Signet Sphere already destroyed by Zieg. He appears and attacks Dart, blowing him back so that he can't attack him anymore. As Zieg heads off for the final Signet, Rose determines that that is not Zieg. The party then returns and works the law again until they can use the teleporter to get to Mayfil. Then they go to the last city standing between Zieg and the world's destruction.

They arrive in the Death City and find that the souls of people and creatures that have died gathered here by the residual magic of the Winglies. They find the souls of the Dragons they've killed: Feyrbrand, Regole, and the Divine Dragon. Then, what they last expected, they find the soul of their dear friend Lavitz. However, it is being controlled by a devil of Mayfil. After a battle trying to free Lavitz, Lavitz destroys his temporary body to kill the devil. As he fades, he says farewell once again to his best friends, Dart and Albert. Then with his last strength, he creates a pathway to the Signet Sphere. The party rides up the road of souls and finds the Signet Sphere safe. However, Zieg shows up and destroys it before they can do anything. Then without anything holding it back, the Moon falls to the earth, right on top of the Divine Tree. The party rides there on the "Wings of Savan," but they are shot down by the Virage guards to the base of the tree.

Adjusting to the strange environment on the Divine Tree, the party precariously finds their way up the tree to the Moon. However, when they enter it, they find that it takes on different forms depending on the people entering it. Each character finds something relating to their respective pasts and find a challenge they overcome. Eventually, after a long journey, the party finds themselves in the core of the Moon, in front of Zieg and Shana. Zieg steals Dart's Dragoon Spirit and fights the party, and afterwards, it is time to create the God of Destruction. He then reveals that although it is Zieg's body, Melbu Frahma has been manipulating it the entire time. He leaves Zieg's body, Rose goes to Zieg, and just as Shana is almost admitted into the body of the god, Melbu pulls her out and inserts himself. He then becomes the precursor to the god itself. Just then, Lloyd appears and attacks Melbu. However, he is no match and is killed. Rose receives the Dragon Buster, Dart is newly recognized as the owner of the Divine Dragon Dragoon Spirit, and nothing stands between the party and the God of Destruction, their final challenge.

After a long and fierce battle, Dart fires a magical cannon blast at the god. He still will not die however, and Rose and Zieg plan to attack the god and sacrifice themselves to let the others go. Dart picks up Shana and shelters her as he, Albert, Haschel, Meru, Kongol, and Miranda escape the exploding Moon.

And so ends The Legend of Dragoon.

[edit] Dragoon Spirits Gained

  • Golden DS possible - see Lohan for details, or received from Indora when defeated by Kongol
  • Divine DS
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