Disc 1: The Serdian War

Disc One: The Serdian War is the first chapter of The Legend of Dragoon. It takes place in the broken country of Serdio.

[edit] Story

In the beginning, we find Dart coming home from his 5-year journey of pursuing the Black Monster. Sadly, he finds his home of Seles attacked by Imperial Sandora; a war has started between Sandora and Basil. Dart immediately sets out to find his childhood friend Shana, as she and only she was captured by the Sandoras. When rescuing her from Hellena Prison, he there finds his future best friend, Lavitz. The three manage to break out of the prison, but still not understanding why the army decided to take a fragile 18-year-old girl from her home.

After shaking off the Hellena wardens, they make their way to Bale so that Lavitz can inform King Albert of the new force of the Sandoras: the Dragon. Along the way, they come to fight the Urobolus in the Limestone Cave, and Shana exhibits a strange defense mechanism: her forehead shines and not only deflects the giant serpent, but also causes it to shatter. Slightly shaken, the party continues to Bale.

Upon arrival, Lavitz briefs King Albert, and Dart learns a bit more about the Dragon Campaign. Lavitz informs Dart and Shana that he has been told to go to the Town of Hoax in order to hold the defensive line against Imperial Sandora. After deciding to accompany him, they afterwards go to Lavitz's house, where they meet his mother and stay for dinner and the night, then leave in the morning.

In Hoax, the town is attacked. Dart and Lavitz defend it, while Shana cooks for soldiers. However, they face an almost unbeatable opponent: a Giganto named Kongol. Just before Kongol delivers a finishing blow upon Dart, a new character shows up and awakens a dormant power inside Dart, that of a Dragoon. Her name is Rose, and she is also a Dragoon. With his new bursting power, Dart defeats Kongol and saves the town. The morning after the battle, news reaches them of an attack of the Dragon on the Seventh Fort. Now that Dart has found this new Dragoon power, he decides to go defeat the Dragon.

The party travels toward the Dragon's Nest, finding the annihilated Seventh Fort along the way. They continue over the Volcano Villude. In its volcanic depths, however, they come across another creature of legend, a Virage. This is a creature that was used in the Dragon Campaign and had since been dormant as a statue, but was awoken after the party followed Shana's "calling" to it. They defeat it and continue past the mountain. Next they came to the Dragon's Nest.

Inside, they search for the Dragon, Feyrbrand, and instead find another Dragoon, Greham. He is the one who has been controlling the Dragon. When he summons Feyrbrand, the party engages in the fight and emerges victorious. As Greham dies, his Dragoon Spirit chooses its next owner: Lavitz. But the poison from the Dragon proved too much for Shana, and she falls ill. The party rushes her to Lohan.

In Lohan, they find that there is no cure except that of Dragoni Plant. They search for it everywhere and then learn that it can be found in the back of Shirley's Shrine. They go there with high hopes, only to learn that there is no Dragoni Plant. But the shrine's keeper, Shirley, after deciding that the party is worthy, presents them with another Dragoon Spirit that has a healing power. They rush back, and find that the Dragoon Spirit has chosen Shana as its new owner. Then the doctor, learning that the party defeated the Dragon, tells them to enter into the Hero Competition. Dart signs up for it.

In the competition, Dart meets a friend from his travels, Haschel. He fights well to the last battle, against a man named Lloyd. Due to Lloyd's inhuman powers, Dart loses the match. Then as the party is about to go back to Bale again to report to King Albert, a soldier from Bale stumbles into town, declaring that the town is under siege and that King Albert has been taken captive for the people in Hellena Prison. After Haschel joins their cause, the party rushes out to the prison to save him.

When they arrive, they fight their way to the top of the prison, past soldiers and a monster called Jiango. Here they find King Albert. After killing the head warden, Lloyd shows up and steals Serdio's national treasure from the king's body, the Moon Gem. In a rage, Lavitz transforms into a Dragoon and attacks, only to be killed by Lloyd's Dragon Buster. His Dragoon Spirit is passed on to King Albert as he dies in Dart's arms.

Afterwards, the party is found in Seles, where they discuss their plan of action: to go to Kazas and confront Emperor Doel. They head there as soon as possible. When they reach Kazas, they find that the people are living in poverty. They continue into the castle through a secret passage and fight their way to the throne room. They confront Emperor Doel and learn that a man named Emperor Diaz is behind the plot to take the Moon Gem. After learning this information, as well as the fact that Doel killed Albert's father, King Carlo. Emperor Doel attacks the party, and after a fierce battle which reveals him to be a Dragoon, the party prevails. As Emperor Doel is dying, he tells the party to follow Lloyd to Tiberoa, where he will look for his next target. His Dragoon Spirit is passed on to Haschel, and Chapter 1: Serdian War ends.

[edit] Characters Gained

[edit] Dragoon Spirits Gained

  • Red-Eyed DS
  • Dark DS
  • Jade DS
  • White Silver DS
  • Violet DS
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