Deningrad, the capital city of Mille Seseau, is a city built around a former Wingly city: the beautiful Crystal Palace, in which Queen Theresa and Miranda currently reside.

[edit] Story

Once Dart and the party arrive at the city, they try to search for Lloyd, but instead hear the legend of the Divine Tree in the cathedral there. Then they are redirected to the Mille Seseau National Library, which contains a lot of information on old things like Winglies, Dragoons, and the Dragon Campaign. The party goes there and then learns all this and more about the attack by the Black Monster on Neet. Afterwards, the party meets Rose again, coming back to Deningrad with the Second Sacred Sister Luanna and the Fourth Sacred Sister Setie. They go to the inn to discuss things, and they tell Luanna that they are Dragoons.

Then the city is mildly attacked by the Divine Dragon. Meru then shows up and tells them that he has gotten loose. Luanna invites them to enter the Crystal Palace to talk to Queen Theresa and inside meet her and the first Sacred Sister Miranda. For more info, see The Crystal Palace.

The party decides to set out in search of the Wingly Forest to find out about the mystic Dragon Block Staff which can be used to render the Divine Dragon near-powerless and stop it from attacking the city.

Once they return after they acquire the Dragon Block Staff, they find that the Divine Dragon has attacked again, this time more directly. The Signet Sphere room in the Crystal Palace has been destroyed, as well as the rest of the city being near-demolished. It is only after this time that the Stardust can be acquired.

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are 3 Stardust in Deningrad and they are located:

  • On the item/weapon shop mat
  • On the item/weapon shop mat
  • The wheels next to the treatment light above the inn
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