Death Frontier

Major locations included within the Death Frontier are:


[edit] Description

The Death Frontier is a barren desert south of Mille Seseau and west of Tiberoa. It is filled with sand falls that trap the party in caverns underneath the sand above. In the center of the desert lies the Wingly city of Ulara.

[edit] Story

In the beginning of the fourth disc, the party finds themselves here attempting to find their way to stop the destruction of the world. Rose says she knows a Wingly city with people that can point them in the right direction. After long treks through the desert and some disputes among the characters, they finally make it to the city and teleport into Ulara.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Enemy List

Name HP Element
Canbria Dayfly 520 Wind
Cactus 320-350 Earth
Sandworm 1400-1440 Earth
Scorpion 280-300 Earth
Spiky Beetle 480-500 Thunder
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