[edit] Tiberoa

Tiberoa is the main location of Disc 2. It is in the southern part of Endiness and has a rather warm climate. Its capital is Fletz, home to the Twin Castle. The other cities in this country include Donau, Lidiera, and Fueno. It is ruled by King Zior and his two daughters, Emille and Lisa.

The party first finds themselves in Fletz in the beginning of the second disc, continuing their pursuit for Lloyd. When unable to find him there, they head to Donau, only to find instead that Tiberoa is really infested with bandits, as they found out in The Barrens when Dart's Dragoon Spirit got stolen. They find both extra reason to find the bandits as well as a new companion, Meru. Together they find the bandits and reveal their real plan, which is linked to Lloyd. They track his cohort, Lenus, to the Prison Island, where Lloyd just escapes their grasp again, this time leaving his new destination of Mille Seseau.