[edit] Serdio

Serdio is where the first disc takes place. It is the country farthest east on the continent of Endiness. The north half of Serdio is called Basil, home to Bale and Seles. The south half, Imperial Sandora, contains Kazas, Lohan, and Hellena Prison.

During the course of the first disc, Serdio is at war. The party begins with just Dart, going off on his journey alone. He then finds his best friend Lavitz, his love interest Shana, his closest friend Rose, his past time friend Haschel, and the king of Basil, Albert. Along the way, Lavitz is taken away from them by the evil Lloyd, and they search for the reason and revenge. Each person finds his own Dragoon Spirit throughout the course of their travels. They fight against Sandora and eventually Emperor Doel himself. When defeated, he reveals the destination of Lloyd: Tiberoa.