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[edit] Mille Seseau

All but the last of disc 3 occurs in Mille Seseau. Due to its northern position, this country is very cold. It is ruled by Queen Theresa and the Sacred Sisters. This is the home country of Dart, as he was born in Neet. Its capital, Deningrad, is house to the Crystal Palace as well as the Mille Seseau National Library.

The third disc begins with the arrival of the party at Furni. They make their way to Deningrad and find that the ancient Divine Dragon has awoken. The queen calls them to find what is going on and they are "hired" to take care of it. Before they can leave, Shana becomes ill and is replaced in the party by the First Sacred Sister Miranda. With their new companion, they search for a magical artifact to help with the battle, and find it in the ruins of the Wingly capital Kadessa. Upon return to Deningrad, they find it desolated. They then set out to kill the dragon, and as chance would have it, Lloyd is trying to tame the monster. With a stunning display of magic, Lloyd is revealed to be a Wingly. He then kidnaps Queen Theresa for the Moon Mirror, waiting for us to come get it back. Miranda then leads the party to Kashua Glacier and then to Flanvel Tower, on the border between Mille Seseau and Gloriano.