[edit] Gloriano

Only the end of disc three takes place here. It lies to the west of Mille Seseau.

The party is led to Flanvel Tower, where waits Lloyd with Queen Theresa. When Dart and the party arrive, they have a fight and in the end, Dart spares his life. Lloyd in turn decides to lead them to the mysterious Emperor Diaz, after the party receives the information of Shana's kidnapping. Along the way, Lloyd reveals that in all his madness, he had a method: creating a utopia. He thinks that crossing the Moon Child with the body of the god will achieve this goal. After this, they go to Vellweb, the city in which the Dragoons of old use to live. At its base, all secrets are revealed. Emperor Diaz is really Dart's dad, Zieg, as well as a hero of the Dragon Campaign and Rose's true love from 11,000 years ago; Rose is the Black Monster; and to top it all off, Shana is the Moon Child.

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