Capital City of Bale

Entrance to Bale

Bale is the capital of Basil, and also Lavitz's home town. It is home to Indels Castle, where King Albert rules. The people of Bale follow him through love and hold him in highest respect.


[edit] Story

The party enters the city to meet with King Albert inside Indels Castle and discuss important issues that have been going on within the continent. Lavitz needs to tell King Albert about his knighthood being overwhelmed and his being taken to Hellena Prison.

See Indels Castle.

Before they leave the town, they go to see Lavitz's mom. They have dinner there, leave the next morning to leave for Hoax.

[edit] Items Found

[edit] Stardust Locations

There are a total of 5 Stardust in Bale and they can be located:

  • Room in basement (use boat under castle).
  • Weapon Shop, spears.
  • Well in front of Lavitz's Home
  • Lavitz's Kitchen
  • In the music room of the castle on the third floor.

[edit] Walkthrough

Upon entering, enter the house immediately to the left to get a chest containing 50G. If you speak to the girl, you can receive Lavitz's Portrait. Exit, and go into the inn just across the street. In here, speak to the bartender and buy the spirits (they help you get a Stardust). Then exit and go to the left. Go through the town into Indels Castle. Wait to stock up on weapons and items until you get all the free ones out of the castle, and wait to stay at the inn until you get a free night later.

After exiting Indels Castle, go into the weapon shop, make your purchases, and get the Stardust. To get the next Stardust, go under the fountain and speak to the man. If you bought the spirits, give them to him, and he moves. Go down the path, get a chest with 20G, and continue until you come out under the castle. If you had previously turned the wheel in the castle, you should be permitted to get on the boat. Do so, and follow the path until it stops automatically. At this point, get off and enter the building. Check the top for your next Stardust. Get back on the boat and go out until you are back on the top side of town.

Now enter the item shop to the right and stock up on items if necessary, and then head to the back of town. Here you will find a well. Check it for the next Stardust. Now enter the largest house. This is Lavitz's house. His mother comes and speaks to you, and during the conversation, you will get choices of what to say; pick either of them until the end of the conversation. Then speak to Lavitz and choose to explore the house (although the other choices can give humorous responses). At this point, explore wherever you will, but eventually go to the library on the second floor. Lavitz leads you to the roof, and after the conversation and dinner afterwards, speak to Lavitz's mother.

She offers to let you stay the night. Do so, and then go into the kitchen and check the shelf in the kitchen for another Stardust. In the room to the left, there is a chest containing 20G.

Before leaving the house, go upstairs and onto the roof again. Climb across the roof and jump into the barn. Cross the beam by pressing X whenever the "!" appears, get the chest with a Healing Breeze, and leave the town.

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