Bardel Brothers

The Bardel Brothers are two Winglies with a special hatred toward humans. They had a younger sister who, when Meru left the Forest of Winglies to see the world of humans, followed her. However, she was attacked and killed by a human. This incident cause the brothers' hatred of humans, which they take out on both Dart and Wink in Chapter 3: Fate & Soul.

The Elder Bardel attacked Dart when he entered the forest because he did not think humans could win in a fight with the Divine Dragon and wanted to prove himself. However, Dart transformed into a Dragoon to prove his point, and incapacitated the Elder Bardel. His brother came and knocked him out and then left the forest to attack Wink, the first human he met. However, just before he attacked Wink, Lloyd showed up, saved her, and killed the Younger Bardel.

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